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Monday, November 7, 2016



Today we will learn what  hemorrhoids are, their causes, treatment and recommendations to get rid of them!

What are hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids  are veins that have become swollen inside the anus or outside of it. They occur as a result of increased pressure in the anus when defecating. This additional pressure causes the veins and tissues around the anus become inflamed and may even reach bleeding during bowel movements.

What are the causes of hemorrhoids occur?

Among the reasons why hemorrhoids appear they are:

 heavy lifting.
To sit  for long  time in the toilet doing much effort to defecate. The practice of reading while sitting on the toilet should be avoided because people do not realize that there are remains pressing on the pads that are around the anus.
Some liver diseases such as liver cirrhosis.

What are the symptoms of hemorrhoids?

Painful bowel movements.
anal itching.
bright red blood when defecating.
Some hard and painful lumps in the anal area.

Types of Hemorrhoids:

Internal hemorrhoids and  external hemorrhoids.

What are Internal Hemorrhoids:

Internal hemorrhoids are those that are just inside the anus. If they are too large they can prolapse or fall out. It is very possible to bleed  with internal hemorrhoids  when defecating.

What are external hemorrhoids?

External hemorrhoids are  outside of the anus They are very uncomfortable when cleaning the area. When a clot is formed in an external hemorrhoid is very painful and may require some minor surgery to remove the clot. As we know, it is the oxygenated blood that keeps alive the tissues of our body.

Treatment for hemorrhoids or piles.

There is no treatment for hemorrhoids that works effectively in 24 hours. Treatment includes applying creams for hemorrhoids in order to mitigate the pain and reduce inflammation. If necessary and according to medical indication, it is likely that the administration of laxatives or stool softeners indicated to facilitate the evacuation.

Recommendations to prevent or cure hemorrhoids:

Avoid constipation at all costs.

Exercise daily to facilitate bowel movement and facilitate the evacuation. The longer the stool stays in the intestine, the more they dry out and become harder.

 Go to the bathroom  when feel the urge to defecate.

If your job forces you to remain seated for many hours a day, use a small cushion  to reduce pressure on the anal area,

Use fresh cotton clothing.

Do not scratch the area around the anus.

Use unscented toilet paper.

Drink plenty of water to stay well hydrated and consequently produce softer stools and therefore will be less effort to expel them.

Consuming a diet that is high in fruits, vegetables and grains. We know that fiber is the broom of our intestines and facilitate the evacuation. A change in eating habits will  positively influence when defecating.

Fiber supplement according to medical recommendation.

Administration of laxatives as medical advice.

In conclusion

I want to mention that no matter race, age, social class, child or adult,  anybody can get hemorrhoids  as it has much to do with the food we eat and the kind of life we ​​have.

If we include more natural fiber in our diet and we exercise daily, being very careful to keep our body well hydrated, it is very likely that we will stay away from this problem.  The problem gets aggravated because people feel embarrassed to go to see the doctor and often resort to the recipe Grandma and home remedies that only worsen the situation.

Thank you so much. Cynthia
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