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Tuesday, June 28, 2016



What is Athlete foot?

It is caused by fungus, and it is  a very uncomfortable situation on your feet. It is called so because  are the athletes who mostly suffer due to the type of activity they develop as swimming, hiking, running, etc. The vast majority of people we know have experienced ATHLETE'S FOOT. 

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Diabetics are at higher risk of being affected by athlete's foot, that is why, I want to  invite you to read about diabetic foot care. These fungi grow vigorously in hot and humid environments.

 ATHLETE'S FOOT transmission:

This fungal infection on  feet is contagious! It can be spread :

By direct contact with another person who already has it.

For contacting shoes or sacks from someone who already has it.

By walking barefoot on surfaces around pools, public showers,
gyms, and even at public dressing rooms at the stores.

By entering  barefoot in the shower at home.

By entering barefoot at locker gyms, shops, public baths and hotels.

How to recognize the symptoms of  athlete's foot?

Cracked skin between the toes extending to the sides of the foot even come to heel.

Itchy, burning and stinging in the skin of the feet.

Red and very itchy skin.

Liquid outlet in parts and subsequent crusting that detach from scratching causes more irritation and also more liquid outlet again.

This fungus is so strong that it can migrate to the yellow or blackish, thick nails and turning them in some cases can make them weaker and they fall.

Some people with fungal may have only bad smell and no visible signs on their feet.


The doctor will recommend some anti-fungal cream to be applied for several days. However, let me remark this.  Once Athlete's foot is acquired it will be a little difficult to eradicate !!! That is why; it is very important to attend some recommendations to help this fungus loses its strength, and hopefully you would get ride of it definitely. The key is to keep your feet dry and very ventilated.


1. Wear  clean and dry cotton socks every day.

dirty sacks, athlete foot

2. After taking a shower, dry thoroughly between your fingers with a clean towel.

dry foot, fungis, athlete foot

3. If you are traveling, carry your own sandals and never enter  barefoot  to public toilets.

4. Walk in suitable sandals around the pool, never barefoot.
sandals, pool, fungus, athlete foot

5. Do not share socks or shoes with anyone.

socks, fungis

6. Use antifungal powders on your feet.
antifungal power, feet, athlete feet, fungis

7. Whenever you can,try to use very well-ventilated shoes.
ventilated shoes, athlete foot, open shoes,

8. Take a shower before entering and leaving the pool.

shower before and after entering the pool

9. DO NOT SHARE nail clippers! You will get it.

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