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Friday, June 17, 2016



What are those dark spots that are  around the neck, elbows, and even in armpits and folds of the body on some people?  

Today I will explain why some people get those dark spots. Usually people will feel ashamed because of this, and consequently, they will not go to the doctor because they think it is related to poor hygiene. Wrong!! ACANTHOSIS NIGRICANS mainly affects African, Hispanic and Caribbean people. However, it could affect anyone who is obese, and even children.

These dark spots that appear on neck, armpits and folds and even feet, elbows and knuckles, are called ACANTHOSIS NIGRICANS and  it is associated with another problem called "resistance to insulin". If people are not careful and  do not pay attention to them, the problem will get worse, and eventually will lead  to another serious  health problem  known as Diabetes Mellitus type II.  

Today and due to poor eating habits that unfortunately have mostly youth and children, is common to find this kind of problem even in children 5 years and up. The degree of darkening of these spots will depend on the failure of the pancreas to produce  good quality insulin which is necessary to carry out successfully the process  of burning glucose in  our bloodstream.

When we talk about insulin resistance means that the insulin produced by the pancreas is of poor quality or is it enough to burn glucose circulating in our blood as a result of bad eating habits, and THEREFORE THE PERSON NEEDS A GREATER AMOUNT OF INSULIN  to burn  and maintain ideal  glucose levels in our bloodstream. These dark spots come as a result of excess of insulin in our blood.


Obese adults or children. 
Fats and carbohydrates high intake.
Lack of exercise or physical inactivity.
Genes (if there are brothers / sisters with type 2 diabetes )
Some medications such as oral contraceptives or other hormonal treatment type.

It is very important that this person be checked by a  doctor to be evaluated as soon as possible, assess the condition and be treated with drugs if necessary. This should be  coupled with  a serious commitment  for making a radical change in eating habits, avoid eating junk food and sweet drinks, and also exercising daily to improve metabolism and help regulate the function of the pancreas.

Having these dark spots are a warning that we need to do something to try to help our pancreas to work better, therefore it does not mean we already got diabetes, but it does mean that if a radical change is not made soon as losing weight , eating healthily and exercising on a daily basis, we can sooner or later get  diabetes Type II.

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