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Friday, September 9, 2016


How do I stop eating my nails?

Although it sounds very insignificant for most people -  bite their nails - this can be a very difficult and interesting challenge. Scientifically we know about it as nail biting. All we ever bit a fingernail. But it is different when the problem seems to have no end, and  when the person simply can not stop self-mutilation nails, either with teeth or doing tugs. Nail biting is related to a problem that psychiatrists define it as difficulty controlling impulses.

Now look at the picture below. These are my nails now, but I was also a big nails eater, that is why,  I can assure you that if you follow my little tip, nail biting will also be just a bad memory  that you will leave behind.

Nail biting besides being a very serious problem as negatively affects the appearance of our hands, also hides an emotional or psychological problem not being able to be controlled, it can become a very difficult hobby to eradicate. 

The person finds it as a very pleasant way to release tension and anxiety. Nail biting also means that we can get an infection after eating them as we continue pulling  the skin around, and sometimes  causing us excruciating pain for days. I personally have known people who seem  to flagellate themselves,literally eating even the tips of their  fingers.

Internal causes:


External causes:

labor, economic, student, family or marital problems.
Humiliations, jealousy.


Low self-esteem.
Afraid of failure.
They are hyperactive, nervous and very energetic.

The person who eats nails suffer from low self esteem by not having presentable hands. Our hands speak a lot about ourselves.

***** How to stop eating our nails ? *****

Then we have found many attempts, inventions, and failures in trying to prevent us to eat nails. Even applying a bitter tincture on nails, people who eat nails will get a persistent high returns on their uncontrollable urge,  and will ignore the bitter taste, and will satisfy their desire to continue eating nails. Chili application has not been successful. I've seen people unable to continue eating the fingernails, then,  continue with their feet nails.

The first thing to do is recognize that it is an impulse and therefore, we must be aware and expect to stop in time.

I was for years a nail eater. I was ashamed of my hands, and when I saw beautiful hands with well-polished nails, I was sorry to see mine all dowdy. I did not know how to stop. But here's where I'll give you the key to success, and never eat nails again.

And this secret was discovered by accident  when watching TV a great and famous psychiatrist  was talking about this and said: "nail biting, comes as a big wave, a big boost, be aware and prepared that will come along and when you feel the uncontrollable urge to nail biting, only tighten the strong fists for several seconds, until you feel that it is gone.  I have healthy and presentable nails Today because I did so.

Keep your mind busy by reading a book or playing  outdoors sports to relieve tension.

It worked great for me! and it will for you too! Hopefully you can implement this simple trick and get free forever of this horrible impulse.

The challenge is attainable. You must take control of this situation and eliminate this habit. I did. You can!



Thank you.